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       Welcome to De-light (which stands for stop lighting) and Delight (which stands for joy) on your joyful journey to stop smoking.

Congratulations for taking this Bold, Admirable, First Step. Celebrate, Your strong desire to stop smoking firmly puts you on  the road to stop smoking. But first,let's unmask the act smoking with our  founder's true story;

"I am an over 60 year old Engineer and I want to share with you my journey in life with cigarettes. It is a journey that I always wish never took place but which never the less took place, courtesy of misinformation through adverts, seeking recognition and approval, peer pressure and the ever present need to be part of the fast lane of life, which in the case of smoking turned out to be a fast lane to misery and self destruction.

My first experience with smoking was at 13 years old in the early Nineteen Sixties. I was driven to experiment with smoking by a deep seated urge to be like the “heroes” I saw in cowboy movies that were being screened at the time. This urge was strengthened by seeing the other role models at that time such as teachers, police officers and administrators smoking. I did not enjoy the experience but I naively attributed the adverse reaction of my body to smoking to my being immature thereby strengthening my resolve to be a man like the grownups and the bigger boys who could do it. Sounds Familiar? This urge to be what would today be referred as “being cool” kept the desire to smoke alive up to University and finally into working life in the Mid-nineteen seventies when I could smoke as much as I desired since I could afford it.

I continued smoking but at 34 years old I started experiencing adverse effects of smoking and tried to quit using my will and failed several times. I then tried acupuncture but it did not work either. I struggled to stop smoking using all manner of advocated methods without any success. Meanwhile adverse medical conditions Doctors attributed to smoking were becoming evident by the day.

At 55 years old, the adverse effects of smoking were beginning to take a toll on my health with conditions such as Hypertension, chest pains, and numbness in my fingers. One morning waking up, I realized something was very wrong with me. I recognized the symptoms of hypertension. A visit to my personal doctor confirmed my worst fear. I was not going to be around for my children and grandchildren if I continued smoking. Again, I attempted to stop smoking using the will and again failed. Meanwhile the adverse effects of smoking were getting worse by the day.

I finally decided to capture every thought, internal dialogue, emotion and desires within my being whenever the craving to smoke reared its ugly head. Armed with the misconceptions that drove me to light up, it finally dawned upon me that the act of smoking is an act of obeying and living a lie.The good news is you can unmask this lie and be free.

Unmask this lie with De-light and Delight as you joyfully chase smoking out of your life. I DID IT IN NOVEMBER 2008( I guess that's why I am still around today, 2017) AND NEVER WENT BACK, SO CAN YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE. (It is possible to request service for a loved one or any other person) .

       Although smokers start De-lighting after two days onwards,we shall be with you for the entire 20 days with timely structured SMS messages to make the sometimes turbulent journey a joyful and delightful one. Join the thousands of all ages who have done it with De-light and Delight.

       Stop Smoking NOW with De-light and Delight,whose success rate is astounding, and joyfully chase the cigarette out of your life.    Redeem your Precious health at less than what you probably spend on smoking in a week !!!!!.In a simple one time secure payment.

      START NOW!!! Do not postpone your joy or that of a loved one.



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